Monstrous Monday: The Hyperborean Owlbear

Hyperborean Owlbears are arctic guardians for the god of the North Wind, residing in the land of Hyperborea.

Treasure Type Z: Welcome! (And 3 magic items)

This Treasure Type Z contains: A magical poison, chameleon armor, and a venomous snake sword!

Monstrous Monday: The Thunderbird

Thunderbirds are one of the most interesting and cool mythological monsters out there. Let's give them the 5e treatment.

D&DE: Dungeons and Darwinian Evolution

Tropical Sahuagins, Polar Owlbears, Oh My! Let's learn how to use evolution to make your game worlds more interesting.

Re-Post: Unearthed Arcana Review: Waterborne Adventures

This is an interesting one. Two of the subclasses in this document, you see, actually made it into the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. It's neat looking back and seeing what I thought of the Proto-versions of these subclasses, as compared to their final versions. And I still love the minotaurs. Their culture continues to make me smile.... Continue Reading →

Monstrous Monday: The Changeling Race

Born into one world, but drawn to another. Changelings are beings who share blood with the monstrous creatures of the wild, and are bound to a dark destiny: either remain themselves and die, or live on, giving up half of themselves in the process.

Deconstructing the Witch Hunter

Witch Hunters are hunters in the dark, facing the monsters of this world by becoming a monster themselves. But can they justify their own existence in D&D?

Re-Post: Unearthed Arcana Review: Modifying Classes

No intro. Fallouting. See y'all Thursday. So…an Unearthed Arcana on class design? With specific examples of class options people have been asking for since…well, since the game came out? I’m in! Let’s dive in, shall we? Follow along, if you like. Introduction and Class Design Primer First up, we have a quick intro that discusses... Continue Reading →

Monstrous Mondays: Criminals and Bandits

Monstrous Mondays can't all be about monsters, can they? This week, it's all about bandits, specifically of the cosmopolitan variety.

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