Wrapping up October, and Looking to the Future

Well, the first month of the New and Improved Loot the Body has finally concluded. The short version is: it was awesome. After the first month, I actually achieved every one of the goals I set out for myself, in terms of my own accomplishments and my blog’s traffic. And I have all of you to thank for that.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

In terms of what I was able to accomplish, I wrote an estimated 24,000 words, not including monster stat blocks and what got edited out of Friday Features. I kept up on my goal of posting three articles each week. One Monstrous Monday, one Re-Post from the old blog, and one Friday Feature. I wrote a full examination of the Ranger Class, two articles on the basics of class design, a FREAKING ADVENTURE (seriously, it blows me away how I was able to finish that one in time), and a from-the-ground-up re-write for the Ranger class.

That’s damn impressive to me. I seriously did not expect to be able to do that. But I did, so I’m going to give myself a round of applause.

In terms of blog traffic, I’m currently sitting at just under 8,500 page views. My goal was 4,000. A thousand for each full week of October. That is awesome, and is literally all thanks to you. You are the ones who took an interest. And you are the ones who kept coming back. I had five traffic goals set up when I started this new blog. And I met all of them. Let’s take a look.

  • The first was the aforementioned 4,000 views.
  • An article that got over 1,000 page views on its own.
  • Getting 1,000 page views in one day.
  • Getting 1,000 unique visitors to the site in one day.
  • A single article getting over 1,000 page views in one day

Obviously, I met the first. The second was met by my very first Friday Feature: Deconstructing the Ranger – Part 1. The third, fourth, and fifth were all met on the same day, due to the same article. Night of Samhain currently has over 1,600 page views, and gained 1,300 of those in one day. Also, the day I posted it, my site was visited by over 1,100 people. My Ranger Playtest, as well, garnered over 1,000 views on its own.

Pardon my dwarvish.

Holy. Shit.

On top of that, I got mentioned on Marsupialmancer’s Blog, and also got a mention over on Tribality. WHAT!? THAT’S AWESOME!

And, of course, my blog has a total of 13 awesome followers! It might not sound like a big number, but it’s a big damn deal to me.

Honestly, guys, I am simply blown away by the response this month. I simply cannot believe the support I’ve received. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. With that said, let’s move onto what I’ve learned.

  • Monstrous Mondays have proven to be about as popular as I could have imagined they would be. Very happy on the response to the Mangle, as that one has been in my head for a while. Also pleased with the response to the Tortured Soul, and I hope my current DM approves of my take on the monster. It looks like you guys like the weirder and more original monsters, so I’ll do my best to come up with something quirky every once in a while.
  • You guys do NOT take well to 2-part articles. Parts 1 of both of my features this month: Deconstructing the Ranger and A Memorandum on Class Design got huge support, while both part 2s flopped, not even achieving half of their predecessors. I’ll try to avoid multi-part articles in the future, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. I tend to write for a long time, and the last few features have been 4,000 word monsters. However, I will try to restrain myself and be more concise in order to keep things varied and interesting.
  • Holy CRAP, do you guys like adventures or what? Seriously, I wrote a cute little 8-page Halloween adventure and the wolves descended. I would love to write an adventure each month, if it meant that kind of traffic on a regular basis. However, the stress it put on me this month tells me that it’s not likely to happen. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that I won’t continue writing adventures. It just means that I’m going to take them a little slower this time. And I’ve even got an idea for a long-form project in the future.
  • Writing the Ranger was immense fun, as was analyzing its class. As I’ve said before, class design is my bread and butter. It’s where I get my jollies, and I cannot wait to continue to do more of it. However, like adventures, I can’t let it become a monthly thing. Don’t expect another full class from me until at least 2016. Between now and then, however, there’s nothing wrong with writing up some subclasses.
  • Three articles a week, with my current work schedule (let’s say it’s not exactly consistent) is difficult. I understand that one is a re-post. But even those need to be edited and re-formatted for the new site. Therefore, don’t be surprised if I take a week off every once in a while, in terms of Friday Features, until I can manage my schedule more efficiently.

The Future

Now that we’ve examined last month. Let’s look to the future. What will the month of November bring?

New Monsters!

Yes, Monstrous Monday will continue. Tomorrow, you’ll be getting a new flying beastie called the Skaevling, and I’ve got plans to expand what exactly Monstrous Monday means later this month, as I talk about Changelings and the Faceless.

More Re-Posts.

This month, we’ll see some talk about magic item glut, the detect magic spell, and a couple reviews of Unearthed Arcanum.

More Features!

I’ve got a couple ideas on what to do features on. I’ve got one more article on class design before I take a break for a while. And no, it’s not another one of me droning on about peaks and valleys and milestones. This time, I’m taking apart another class. One of rather…cinematic quality.

I’ve also got an idea re: talking about monsters, and different ways to make them interesting when fitting them into your campaign world.

There’s also another Unearthed Arcana to be released this month, and I’ll be receiving my copy of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide soon, so expect to see some work related to those.

Treasure Type Z!

I’m also going to introduce a new series of articles this month, which I’m calling Treasure Type Z. Why? What does it mean? What will it entail? You’re just going to have to wait and find out.


Starting this month, I’m going to work on compiling all of my content I create: monsters, classes, races, magic items, etc. and creating an archive page where you can view and download any of them. I want to create a Loot the Body Bestiary document, containing all of the monsters I make, and make it easy for all of you to access and use in your own games.

How Can You Help?

Before I leave you once more, I just wanted to say, one more time, thank you. Your support has been instrumental in inspiring me to keep going. There were a few points this month where I wondered whether it was all worth it? I was losing sleep, I had bags under my eyes, and I just didn’t know if pumping out three articles every week was a worthwhile goal. But just when I get worried, I get a response like I did with Night of Samhain, and it all comes back to me. THIS is why I write these articles. Because of you.

And I only want that feeling to grow. I want to chase that dragon, as it were. I want this blog to become bigger and better than it was before, and I want to inspire others like Courtney Campbell, Brandes Stoddard, Arnold K, the many faces of Tribality, and of course The Angry GM have inspired me. But in order to do that, I need your help.

So, please, take a second when you read something you like, and show it. Click “like” at the bottom of the page. If you have praise or criticism or anything to share, then leave a comment below. Share articles with your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or whatever social media outlet you use. Spread the word, and if you really like what I’m doing, then click that follow button on the right of the page, and consider going back and reading my previous work. And don’t forget that I’m on twitter! I love communicating with friends and fans, so hit me up, follow my posts, and let’s make this blog something I can be even more proud of.

And, of course, remember that Contact Me page at the top. If you have any questions, requests, or comments, then don’t be afraid to contact me directly. One of my new goals is to have open and honest communication with all of my readers. I really love you guys, and you’re the ones that make all of this hard work worth while.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the next month of Loot the Body.

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