Treasure Type Z: Welcome! (And 3 magic items)

Instead of a re-post this week, welcome to my new series of articles: Treasure Type Z! Why Treasure Type Z? Because in the Monster Manual for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (that’s 1st edition, folks), Treasure Type Z is a little bit of everything. It’s coins, gems, magic items, whatever. And that’s what TTZ is going to be on this site. It’s a little bit of everything. The operative words being “little bit”. It’s not a Monstrous Monday, where I have to write a bunch of stuff about monsters, and it’s not a Friday Feature, where I write thousands of words on a topic and invest most of my free time, which I could use to spend time with other human beings. This is something small. It’s a magic item, or a new subrace, or a new subclass. It’s presented without explanation or analysis. Maybe it’s a quick house rule. Maybe it’s a template or a new character sheet page or a map. It’s just me sharing a little something with you.

So, in honor of the original meaning for Treasure Type Z, I’m giving you three quick magic items to use in your games. One weapon, one armor, and one wondrous item.

The Stone of Gaul. Wondrous Item, uncommon. Each of these stones is approximately the half an inch across and excessively pitted. They dissolve immediately in any form of liquid and are undetectable except for a faint acidic odor. Each stone can affect approximately 1 gallon of liquid. A creature who drinks liquid infected by a stone of gaul must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer immense pain, becoming poisoned for 8 hours.

Chameleon Leather. Light Armor, rare. This set of leather armor shimmers between colors like oil, and has a hood attached. When worn with the hood up, you gain a +10 bonus on Dexterity (Stealth) checks while standing still. In addition, so long as the hood is up and you are standing still, you can make Dexterity (Stealth) checks while being observed.

Viper’s Fang. Weapon, rare. This +1 rapier is actually the re-forged fang of a massive venomous snake. Every time it is unsheathed, it makes the sound of a hissing snake. It is infused with the venom of the snake, and deals +1d6 poison damage. In addition, when you hit an enemy with an attack with this weapon, you may inject it with deadly venom. The creature makes a DC 15 Constitution save, becoming poisoned for 1 minute if it fails. The creature may repeat this saving throw at the end of each of its turns in order to remove the poisoned effect. The viper’s fang cannot inject another creature in this way until dawn of the next day.

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