Unearthed Arcana Review: The Ranger, Revised

Mike Mearls' newest version of the ranger is a return to form for the class. But is that return to form a good thing, or simply a rehash of what's been done?

It’s Time to Talk About Superiority Dice

This week, I discuss the positives and negatives of using Superiority Dice in your system, and offer an alternate take on some subclasses that use them.

[UPDATED!] Return of the Ranger: Alpha Version 2.2

Finally, it's version 2 of my variant ranger playtest. This time, I step away from the mystical aspect, and instead design a wasteland skirmisher.

Treasure Type Z: Armored General Archetype

I've designed a fighter archetype that almost never takes damage. And it's based on a Fire Emblem class! Doesn't that sound fun?

Dungeon Master’s Guild Review: The Swordmage

The Swordmage is a class dedicated to blending spell and sword together in combat. But is it a good class, and is it worth your money?

Treasure Type Z: Swordmaster Archetype

I've always wanted to make an attempt at translating the Fire Emblem swordmaster into Dungeons and Dragons. And now, I think I've done a pretty damn good job.

Why the Mystic is Bad at Eating Cake

The Mystic is a great example of how to make a multi-faceted class that covers a lot of bases. However, it's a terrible example of how to use incentives to improve game design.

RPG Rant: I Am a Selfish Designer

Sometimes, I really miss Pathfinder. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Pathfinder just as much as I used to, and some distance from it has really softened the edges of the system a bit (I even have a kind of appreciation for the glut of classes it currently has). But 5e has become my... Continue Reading →

Treasure Type Z: The Revised Hunter

So, I’m working on an updated and revised version of my Ranger class right now. I can’t make any promises as to when it will arrive. Unlike last time, I’m not working toward a deadline. I’m just going to work on it when I can (this season is hell on my free time) until I’m... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing the Witch Hunter

Witch Hunters are hunters in the dark, facing the monsters of this world by becoming a monster themselves. But can they justify their own existence in D&D?

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