Monstrous Monday: The Dodongo

Not just a monster from a popular video game franchise, but a practice in designing new game mechanics!

Monstrous Monday: Night of the Living Redead

They're creepy, they're spooky, and they kinda hump your character model...that's weird. Anyway! They're the redead!

Monstrous “Monday”: Deku Baba

Ever wanted to surprise your players with a deadly acidic venus fly trap? No? What about a Zelda game? Yeah...that's what I thought.

It’s Time to Talk About Superiority Dice

This week, I discuss the positives and negatives of using Superiority Dice in your system, and offer an alternate take on some subclasses that use them.

Dungeon Master’s Guild Review: Backgrounds, Vol. 1

The Animal Trainer, Flying Cavalry, Innkeeper, and Teamster. Four new backgrounds for your D&D games in one DM's Guild product. But are they worth the price?

The Legend of Zelda is a Megadungeon

Want to know a secret? I actually kind of hate megadungeons. In theory, they should be great, right? It’s an opportunity to explore a vast superstructure, discover interesting puzzles, enemies, and magic items, and overcome ever-greater odds as you delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon. In practice, however, it feels much more like tedium.... Continue Reading →

[UPDATED!] Return of the Ranger: Alpha Version 2.2

Finally, it's version 2 of my variant ranger playtest. This time, I step away from the mystical aspect, and instead design a wasteland skirmisher.

Treasure Type Z: Armored General Archetype

I've designed a fighter archetype that almost never takes damage. And it's based on a Fire Emblem class! Doesn't that sound fun?

Dungeon Master’s Guild Review: The Swordmage

The Swordmage is a class dedicated to blending spell and sword together in combat. But is it a good class, and is it worth your money?

Treasure Type Z: Swordmaster Archetype

I've always wanted to make an attempt at translating the Fire Emblem swordmaster into Dungeons and Dragons. And now, I think I've done a pretty damn good job.

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