DM’s Guild Review: The Complete Martialist Handbook

Ever wanted to transform into a Thunderbird? Maybe you want to heft around a Boomstick? Well, have I got the book for you!

DM’s Guild Review: The Comprehensive Equipment Manual

The Comprehensive Equipment Manual is 255 pages of new items and systems to use in your games. But is it the right book for your table?

Dungeon Master’s Guild Review: Backgrounds, Vol. 1

The Animal Trainer, Flying Cavalry, Innkeeper, and Teamster. Four new backgrounds for your D&D games in one DM's Guild product. But are they worth the price?

Dungeon Master’s Guild Review: The Swordmage

The Swordmage is a class dedicated to blending spell and sword together in combat. But is it a good class, and is it worth your money?

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