Return of the Weapon Gem, 5th Edition

Where my Bloodborne fans at?

Final Fantasy in D&D: Five Magic Items

Final Fantasy is one of the most famous RPG series in the world. It's about time we got some FF in our D&D, don't you think?

RPG Rant: I Am a Selfish Designer

Sometimes, I really miss Pathfinder. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Pathfinder just as much as I used to, and some distance from it has really softened the edges of the system a bit (I even have a kind of appreciation for the glut of classes it currently has). But 5e has become my... Continue Reading →

Re-Post: 5 Magic Items for Magic Users

I’ve always felt that magic users tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to magic items. I mean, they have Pearls of Power and Staves of the Magi and Rings of Spell Storing and Wands and Scrolls of varying effectiveness, but mages always seem to lug around the same five... Continue Reading →

How to Make Masterwork Items in 5th Edition D&D

Welcome to December, everybody! Sorry about not posting a Friday Feature last week. It was Black Friday for us retail-slaves, and that meant that my week was especially hectic and crazy. I’ll do my damnedest to avoid that from now on. This month, I’m talking all about stuff. Weapons, armor, shields, and magic items. Because... Continue Reading →

Re-Post: 5 Unique Magical Axes

Everyone talks about magical swords. They suffuse nearly the entirety of fantasy literature, movies, and even D&D. SCREW. THAT. Swords are stupid. Axes. It’s all about the axes, man. Actually, this isn’t just about axes. It’s also about utilitarian design. Too many magic items are just “deal extra damage” or “add to your attack rolls”... Continue Reading →

Treasure Type Z: Welcome! (And 3 magic items)

This Treasure Type Z contains: A magical poison, chameleon armor, and a venomous snake sword!

Re-Post: Regarding Magic Item Glut

Does your party have too many magic items? Need to plan a campaign without giving out too much cool stuff? Boy, have YOU come to the right blog post!

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