Monstrous Monday: Skaevling

The rush of wind, the shrieking sound, and the sharp pain of tooth and claw. These are the hallmarks of the skaevling.

Monstrous Monday: New Zombies

This week, we take a look at how to expand on the zombie concept to create interesting and evocative combats.

Monstrous Monday: New Vampire Spawn

I love vampires. I love werewolves more, but I simply adore vampires. The problem is that vampires are a high-level threat. I mean…they don’t have to be, but they totally are. And that’s what vampire spawn are for, right? Sure, they’re the vampire’s minions and guardians. They act as mooks and fodder as you move... Continue Reading →

Monstrous Monday: The Mangle

The camp is quiet tonight. All you hear is the crackling of the fire and the sound of Boros sharpening his dagger. Thron feeds another few sticks to the flames and strikes up a conversation with you. After a short while, you notice that Boros has fallen silent. You glance around, but he’s nowhere in... Continue Reading →

Monstrous Monday: The Nightkin

I did a little searching last week, and discovered that Monster Monday has been used a thousand times by a thousand different people. In order to keep myself semi-original, I've decided to change the name from Monster Monday to Monstrous Monday! That's right, it's the second edition of Loot the Body, so why not the... Continue Reading →

Monster Mondays: The Hunting Drake

Introducing the new site, the new weekly post, and a new monster for everyone to use!

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